Turn Family Time into Fun Time

Struggling to keep your family organized and entertained? We get it! Between work, school, and everyday activities, creating a happy and connected family life can be a challenge.

Juggling family life just got easier!

Info Blad is your one-stop shop for everything you need to make the most of your precious family time. We offer a variety of resources, including:

Pre-made family schedules:

Take the stress out of planning with customizable templates for weekly routines, chore charts, and vacation itineraries.

Engaging family activities:

Discover creative and age-appropriate ideas for indoor and outdoor fun, from board game nights to educational outings.

Printable family games:

Download and print ready-to-play games that spark laughter and connection, perfect for game nights, rainy days, or road trips.

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Turn Family Time into Fun Time

Ditch the endless planning and get straight to the fun with our pre-made resources.

Create lasting memories:

  • Find activities that everyone will enjoy and build lasting family memories.
  • Our resources encourage communication, cooperation, and quality time together.
  • start making the most of your family time!

Here’s what you’ll find

  • Pre-Planned Schedules
  • Creative Activities:
  • Engaging Games:

Discover new ideas and get inspired by other families.